Angels & Demons

Angels & DemonsToday, many believe angels to be winged beings that live up in the sky somewhere and demons to be hideous creatures that hide behind rocks, waiting to seize their next victim.  The term “angels” in the Greek means “messengers.” Consider that definition for one moment: The word messenger could be metaphorically stretched to mean that anything or anyone can be a deliverer of a message, even people or the motivator behind their message – "beliefs" or “thoughts.”  We use our thoughts to influence one another. We influence each other's beliefs; we impact each other's lives. We steer people around us like sheep being led by whoever might appear to be a leader. With this idea in mind, can we relook at a hidden meaning behind angels and demons that might indicate something happening within humanity?

If we view angels as being just messengers, then people and their thoughts can easily fall into this definition. Interestingly, in contrast, the term “demons” was originally a Greek term that meant, “wise, guardian spirits.” That definition mirrors what most people believe angels to be: higher, divine beings who watch over the world and its inhabitants - communicators between God and men. And that may all be true in some fashion. But what if angels & demons are closely related? What if both are terms or ideas for messengers but with just different types of messages? Could the type of message define the type of messenger we ask? Think about it this way: a messenger bears the thoughts of the message; and a wise spirit would bring forth wisdom through thought. Perhaps a demon, which later took on the cultural idea of being an entity of malicious intent, could just be, in its most basic form, thoughts that are less than true…less than what most might call “good.” In this sense, a person with thoughts based upon untruths could be considered a demon, or unclean spirit. What? You read it - just an idea to ponder.

More on Angels, Demons and Thoughts
Let’s try and wrap our minds around this idea of angels and demons. As a recap, angels could be defined as someone who brings forth a message; an angel could thus be broken down into the core of that message: the thoughts behind it.  Have you ever had an idea or thought come to you from seemingly nowhere?  Perhaps a messenger or an “angel” delivered the thought to your mind.  But what if some “angels” mistakenly bring forth wrong thinking?  Maybe this could be what many call “fallen angels” – thoughts of untruth, such as fear, condemnation or guilt. 
Could that also be what demons are…thoughts of fear, condemnation and guilt?  This would certainly make sense of what the bible says concerning one third of the angels having fallen from their first estate of being enlightened.  Could that “falling” have occurred within the mind of mankind?  And would it be such a bad thing, if that mis-thinking were by accident, a simple, correctable mistake? If we are what we think, then could angels and demons really be mankind in two different states: enlightened and un-enlightened? Could they simply be depictions of who we are?
This might lead one to consider that humans are not powerless, for we are in charge of our thoughts. Are we looking at life through eyes of truth from within, or are we being blown about by every fear, every worry, every concern through wrong thinking - call them our demons? Heck, if we know someone who has an issue, we some times say they are, "battling their demons." Maybe we instinctively know within ourselves that this is the case; that everything proceeds forth from within each of us. Maybe the world is as simple as choosing truth over fear in our minds; and maybe that is what life is about: learning to choose wisely and correcting our mistakes. Perhaps we can either choose correctly or incorrectly, thus being what we choose to believe.