Demon Hunters

A demon hunter is a religiously-minded person filled with fear who tries to banish that which is unseen. Demon hunters believe that demons lurk among the living, awaiting their moment of opportunity when they may strike an unsuspecting victim with vengeance. A demon hunter is one who is fueled by fear and incapable of helping others though they believe they hold the key to help all. Demon hunters are powerless, though they believe that God works through them to defeat evil beings.

Demon hunters are also known as "demonologists." Since the inception of television ghost hunting shows, the number of ghost investigation groups in the United States and abroad has grown substantially. Unfortunately, beliefs in demons and demon possession among ghost investigators has also increased, opening the door for those who claim to be experts in demonology.

Can one ever convince those who hunt demons that they do not exist? Probably not. Those who hold beliefs in demons will not understand that, biblically, demons were used as metaphors to represent fearful, false ideas within the mind of mankind. Later, hundreds of years after the books of the Bible were written, demons were wrongly taught to be real, evil beings. And if a person fears devils and imps, then they will often tend to misinterpret some ghost activity as "demonic" behavior.