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Ghost Pictures                     [Page two of Q1 '09 Submissions from our Viewers]

Ghost Head Picture
This plump-looking facial image was found in a ghost picture taken at a former
residence that is still haunted by a man who was shot while coming home.

Ghost Girl Picture
Ghost picture of what looks like the head a female spectre, possibly.  Is it a
ghost captured in the photo, or did something else create the anomaly?

Antietam Ghost Picture
Photographer captures an image of what may be a ghost.  He was taking photos
in a cemetery at the National Battlefield in Maryland.

Dark Haze Ghost Picture
What may first appear to be a smudge on the camera lens, must have been
something more.  The haze did not appear in any other pictures.

Boat Ghost Picture
Cool little image of a young female and possibly cat are spied within an old,
rotting boat's window.  Is she too small in size?  Is it a trick of the eye?

Spirit Picture - 1977
This old photograph was taken in 1977 by a family during some construction.  
The spooky spectre walking within it is see-through.  Is it a ghost?

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