Spirit Picture 1977

Steve sent us this spirit picture taken a few decades ago. At first glance, it looks like someone wrapped in a sheet walking by; but when examined closer it appears the ladder behind the ghostly person can be seen, making it the spectre see-through. We do not believe this to be a manipulated photo, but truly an old film image. Was it an old prank, or a haunting spirit? You decide...

"This pic was given to me by a family member (around 1990?) at a dinner I was present at. They were building a house in the summer (August) of 1977 in Selinsgrove, PA. No spirit being was seen before this image (of the spirit) turned up after having pictures developed (the spirit being is also on the negative). There were several photos taken that day, but this one had a surprise...(a spirit with) even color in daylight, mist-like, see-through, in a robe with head dress, and possibly blonde hair? Stands maybe seven feet tall (the family judged the height)."

It almost looks like someone on dry wall stilts, or a sheet hanging on a post, yet, the see-through aspect of the spirit is intriguing!

We must also note that most of the people in the photograph seem to be turning around to look toward either the photographer, or the spectre. Looking at their heads, it appears they are facing the photographer.