1987 Ghost Picture

Glenn Barclay (wings & propellers) sent us this ghost picture taken in 1987, and was reviewed years ago by famed paranormal investigators Ed and Lorraine Warren:

"In Banton, Connecticut there’s an old Girl Scout camp in the woods and at the time (1987), it had been abandoned for sixteen years. I found this place walking through the woods where I used to live."

"On Memorial weekend in may of 1987 my friend Bobby Kulis, his son and I camped out in the remaining lean-to still standing. I remember getting up at night to put more wood on the fire and I took two photographs of the fire, one at 15th of a second, and the second at 30th of a second; both shots I held my camera up against a tree. I did not see or feel anything unusual at the time. Still living at my parents house at the time, I had my darkroom set up downstairs in the basement. I developed the film and saw what looked strange, but didn’t realize what I took the negatives to a professional lab to get 11X14 black and white prints, so no one could say that I tampered with it in my darkroom. Years later in 1995, my wife and I drove to Monroe, Connecticut to have two famous “Ghost Hunter” investigators, Ed and Lorraine Warren, evaluate this photograph. Ed Warren’s interpretation of the apparition was that it was either a spirit entering Bobby’s sleeping body, or I had captured Bobby’s astral body re-entering his body. I got really tired over the years of people accusing me of taking a double-exposure, etc. But if you examine the photograph closely you will see that Bobby’s body from the waist up is missing and that you can see several faces in and around his upper body. I do recognize his arm, because that is his bracelet on his wrist, but the rest of him is missing. I have blond hair and the apparition has dark short hair. At the time Bobby had long dark hair."