Murder Ghost Picture

Ghost Picture of the Month for December 2006!
Vikki Krupp of California sent us this shocking ghost picture taken at a murder scene. The spiritual presence above the bed is tremendous:

"Mr. A was a young man in his 30's who lived alone and slowly seemed to fall apart mentally and physically. He was found one day dead in his kitchen after laying there for two weeks. His 100 year old plus house is definitely haunted and we have taken other photos with orbs and a ghostly face peering at us. We feel that there is an evil spirit occupying that house. Mr. A moved in several years earlier, a normal guy with a great job, but slowly he began to change for the worse. In researching the history of his house we found other tragedies have happened there as well. Whoever moves into that place never stays very long. There are new owners of the home now, they have been there for two years...I wonder how much longer they will be there?Many occupants seem to have gone nuts after a time or end up with health problems and/or relationship problems. This ghostly photo was taken by the cleaning lady who was cleaning up Mr. A's home after his death. The house was a terrible mess covered with blood and a sticsubstance. This is a photo of Mr. A's bed and it appears that his ghost was still occupying it."