Halloween Night Ghost Picture

Ghost Picture of the Month for June 2006!
Someone sent us these two ghost pictures from Halloween night a number of years ago. Very intriguing, especially when you notice the pictures were scanned! I don't know if we would call that a baby's face, either!

"These pictures were taken some time ago in Chicago. It was Halloween night. As the family was sitting in the living room, a light came in through the transom above the front door and spun around the room. When the little boy in the Scream mask removed his mask, the light came up to him, turned around, and went back out the window. In one picture, you can see what appears to be a baby's face in the right corner of the transom."

Update: We received this comment recently: "This photo is absolutely incredible - but you have missed a face. Look to the right of the girl's witches hat and you will see a man's face in the mirror!" - Alison