Ghost Lightning Ghost Photo

Judi Foster sent us this ghost picture with ghost lightning in it. We have never seen anything quite like it.

"What is this???? It was taken in my dining room of our christmas tree. The room upstairs where the lightning seems to be coming from has always had a heavy presence feeling about it. Our house had always been considered "haunted" by those of us who have lived there for the past 23 years. Many weird occurrences. But it has been quiet now for the past few years."

"No, the picture in question has never been tampered with. It's maybe a four or five year old photo, taken from an old Canon 35mm camera. The snapshot IS what it IS. This is how it came back from the picture developing people. It has astounded my adult children, extended family and friends since that very day. One Very Christian friend of mine is convinced that it is a demon - I hope he's wrong...that's a creepy thought. Like I said, we have always considered my house to be haunted. Years ago, we had a psychic in, who said that there were three entities in the house: a little boy, an old woman, and a man with a hat who sits on the front porch. I don't know about the others, but through the years, the little boy has 'apparently' been seen here by a number of different people. Even before the psychic lady came over, I myself have never seen any ghostly person and I don't want to.

But, the activity was pretty typical for what you'd consider for a haunted house. The most impressive event was that my bed use to shake at night when we'd be asleep. It would shake quite intensely for a few minutes and then stop. My children would NEVER sleep in my bed because it "shook". We looked for logical explanations - maybe a truck went by or heavy wind outside, but we couldn't find one. Even when I moved the bed to another position in the room, it still shook. There was other stuff also, like flickering lights. The pots and pans in the kitchen would rattle in the cabinets for no reason we could figure...also the whole house seems to be the "Bermuda Triangle" for lost objects that turn up in the most bizarre places. But, my daughters room, where the lightning emanates from, was always strange. It's colder than the rest of the house, and a real creepy vibe...different dogs we've had over the years would go in there and bark frantically at NOTHING. AND, if you have the radio on downstairs, and the same station on simultaneously upstairs in that room, the radio upstairs in that room will have about a 2 second delay to it. You can hear it if you turn both radios up real loud. They are not receiving the radio signal at the same time; and one is up in that room, and the other radio is down in the dining room directly underneath it - exactly where that picture was taken. Go figure...the picture is in fact and indeed real."