Queensland Haunting Ghost Picture

Yvonne sent us the following ghost picture taken in her home in Queensland. Her story of a powerful haunting sounds like more than one can bear. Ghost oppression is a real cause of negativeness, depression and more. This picture looks to have captured some spiritual energy:

"I have lived in this house now for three years. For the last twelve months we have had some real strange things going on in this house. Started with just noises and footsteps, then items being moved and going missing for a week or two; then my stereo turning its self on and the television turning its self off. I have a little girl who is two years old. She is being woken up at two am most mornings, screarming the house down in absolute terror saying, there is a lady in her room pinching her. She says the lady is scary. We did at one time go into the room after this had happened and my little girl said the lady was in the wall? Now we have a very heavy atmosphere in the house mainly at night. Everyone who lives in this house which is my husband, myself and three kids are all feeling very angry and depressed. This all disappears as soon as we leave the house, but on return again to the house the feelings all come back. On Sunday night (21st Jan. 2007), there was a cold spot moving around the lounge, strange as we live in Queensland and it was 28 degrees (celsius) at the time. So I took some pics of the cold spot area, and out of forty pics this came up on one of them. Had a lot of trouble taking the pics, as every time I tried to take a pic of the cold spot my camera would not work. Strange as it's a top of the range, brand-new camera, and it's working fine now. Hope you get a look at my pic and if you could shed any light on this for me, I would be more than gratetful. I don't know what to do, as this is becoming a big problem in our life, making me very depressed and scared to walk around my house in the dark."

"Me and my husband have told whatever it is that it is not welcome in OUR home, but to no avail. It seems to have gotten stronger since the last e-mail I sent you. We now have audible sounds (moaning). On one occasion, this was accompanied by what seemed to be a long slender cloud of smoke - like it was lit up from inside (thats the best way I can explain it) which disappeared THROUGH the wall.

Toys were moved around my two year old's bedroom...looked like they had been thrown on the floor. My other daughter, who is a teenager, witnessed the sound of all this happening. She was alone in the house at the time and was petrified. She rang me in a very scared state of mind, as this is the first time since all this began that she has experienced anything at all.

We have spoke to some of our neighbors not mentioning that we have had any problems and next door to us, as we live along side a creek (we only have one neighbor), he told us that he experienced, whispering, and footsteps; also doors closing for no reason. He too, has just moved away. From talking to a few people on our estate, which is only five years old, the people who live by the creek have the same problems.

One of my friends actually moved from her rental six months ago, due to all of these strange happenings. My husband decided to do some research and found out that Redcliffe (where we live in Queensland) was the first settlement by the British in Queensland - predominantly populated by British army personnel and convicts. This was abandoned in 1825 due to the high mortality rate, because of disease and hostile natives. It appears that part of our estate has been built onto part of the old convict graveyard. So this might explain the strange goings on. Anybody had any similar problems or any help would be greatly received, we are actually hoping to move out of the rental shortly as we can't tolerate it any more."

Update: Wow, this photo has had many people amazed. Here is just one letter we received: "This may not mean a thing, but like some other people I was messing with the 'photo of the month' pic and it looks like someone getting out of the way, actually climbing over the TV. Very difficult to decipher from just matrixing, which is surely a probability. Still, I see a lot of movement in this pic. Very cool photo!!!!" - Joelle