Ghost Pictures: Haunted Museum

Our 2006 January Ghost Picture of the Month!
Anita of Winnipeg sent us these ghost pictures with ectoplasm, bright orbs, and a ghost man from a haunted museum:

"These pictures were taken April of 2004 in British Columbia, one of the museums."

"If you look at the lady, you see a white thing on the mirror...and a face...and to me, what looks like a body if you follow the head down over the ladyy's dress. This hallway was maybe 10-12 inches wide. I was the only person in there...and I had to walk sideways to get through...The next picture you can see what ever it is, as soon as you look at the picture. Again, weird thing...I was the only one there...and the silver bowl that's in the the other can't tell...but it was rocking back and forth. The last picture -- if you look to the right of the picture, on the see the shadow of a complete body. I was alone, and it appears to be the shadow of a man. There are a lot of little dots (about 7) that I counted, but they may just be dust. This was in the bottom part of the boat in the museum. I was going through all my vacation pictures and saw this stuff realizing that I was alone...and there was no one else around."

"I also see a face above the sink, looking through what appears to be a copper pipe -- very weird with the knife also hanging on the wall. See if anyone else sees this, also."