Staircase Ghost Picture

Our Ghost Picture of the Month for November 2007!
Marcus sent us this cool ghost picture of a man or the apparition of a man on a spiral staircase. What adds validity is the fact that Marcus "cleared" the stairs prior to snapping the ghost image:

"This apparition photo was taken at Vizcaya Museum and Gardens in Miami Florida. To give you a brief summary of the place, Vizcaya was built around 1916 and now operates as a tour attraction. This spiral staircase is in the area where the butlers would stay. I thought the staircase would make a great photo if I took it looking up as the sun came through. Before I took this photo I made sure that everyone was off the stairs and asked the last man coming down if there was any other people coming down. He told me no that there was no one up there, so that is when I took my photo. I knew no one was up there. When I came home and looking through my photos I had taken that day, I noticed something and had to upload it immediately to my computer. When I saw the actual photo I was startled to find a figure of a man standing, looking down the staircase. Keep in mind that when I took the photo I saw no one there. As you can see, the figure's hand is formed, but from the shoulders up, he is transparent. His head is see-through and you can see the frame of the skylight coming through."