Matt's Ghost Pictures

Matt from Springfield, Illinois sent us some of his ghost pictures to view. The apparition (Ghost Picture of the Month for April 2005!!) and tombstone green ectoplasm are simply awesome!

"I'll give a brief summary of each picture The first one (3rd photo) is a picture of a tombstone from Oak Hill Cemetery, I took it as I was leaving in my car...the rod-shaped object running along the side of the stone is my car antenna. It appears as the green mist is coming out of the tombstone.

This (4th) picture is hard to see. It's a tombstone, and about it is a ghostly apparition - with its arms extended outward and mouth and eyes are noticeable. This picture was taken by my friend josh in Talorville, Illinois.

(1st, 2nd) Josh also took this picture, but in Peck Cemetery in Decatur, Illinois. This cemetery is a well known haunted place around our neck of the woods, and this photo sure shows it. This apparition was no man standing in the picture, it appeared after development. Notice, there is no separation of the shirt and pants...freaky.

(5th) This was taken at about 11 pm; me and my other friend who happens to be another Josh! I went to Oak Ridge Cemetery and as we were leaving and about to hop the fence we took some last minute pictures of us standing under the gate. So, he took my picture and then I took his picture, and this mist appeared.... to me and everyone else that looks at it, it appears to be two apparitions: one in the right corner - a cowboy-ish figure looking very concerned of our presence; and a woman dead center, seeming to be looking over her shoulder at the camera. Someone also pointed out a shadow next to could be his shadow, but nothing was there to cast off of, and the leg span of josh is much wider then the leg span of the shadow. These pictures were taken only seconds apart.

(6th) These are simply some orbs at oak hill cemetery, the same night as the green mist was taken."