Soldier Apparition Ghost Picture

Ghost Picture of the Month for November 2005!!
Carrie sent in this excellent apparition ghost picture and story:

"This photo was taken on Aug.6, 2005 with a Olympus Stylis 4.0 megapixel digital camera. The photo was taken at the Bard Mansion on the Point Magu Navy Base in Ventura, California. We were there for a retirement party held for my Dad. It was my first time visiting this place and people there were saying the upstairs was haunted by a small child. They said we were all welcome to look around upstairs so we did and I took some pictures. I never noticed it until the other day that there is an apparition of what looks to be a soldier standing in the doorway. If you zoom it in you can even see buttons on the uniform. I have also attached a photo of the room that was taken 4 photos prior to the one that has the apparition so you can see in that picture there are no dots on the window frame where the buttons are located. The third photo attached is the outside of the mansion. I believe there is a face in the lower right window. Thanks for taking the time to view my photos."

More of Carrie's comments about the ghost pictures she sent us:

"I assure you that the photos are not touched up what so ever. I don't even know how to use the photo shop program. The wreath plant is just a basket with some silk flowers for decoration. What I know about the Mansion from what my Dad told me is that it was built in the 1800's and a Senator lived there by the name of Bard and that's how it became the name of the place. The Mansion is now used for parties for people in the Military. And the people that work there all know about the haunting ofthe place."

Update: "I'm writing to let you know that my apparition of the soldier photo will be featured on "The Maury Show." I'm not sure of the air date yet, but the show was taped at the end of January 2007. I had my picture posted on the website and it became so popular on that site that the creator of that website submitted to do a story on "The Maury Show"about the paranormal. My photo is being used as photographic evidence of the afterlife along with a few other photographs.

I believe now that the ghost in my picture is of Thomas R. Bard. He served as California Senator from 1900-1905. He lived in the Mansion with his family until his death in 1915. The mansion is named after him. I read that he died in the house and is buried on the estate."