Ghostly Picture

Ghost Picture of the Month for August 2006!
This ghostly pic from Jan Adkins is incredible! The anomaly in this pic looks like ghost lightning in front of them...

"I have lived in about four haunted houses and have been able to communicate with them since I was very young in my parent's house. They would hear about relatives that have passed on from me before official news, and this gift is carried on to my daughter since she was very young (although this time I would believe her from the beginning, as I believe that these gifts and others that run in families are carried on by DNA). This photo is when my mom and dad were staying at a haunted hotel in Germany where they met; and my dad is getting his pic taken with a friend's mother. There is a lot of something going on in front of him; we don't know what it is, but he didn't stay the entire night, as something was in his room with him."

You can see the photographer and another person reflected in the mirror.