Babygirl's Ghost Pictures

Ghost Picture of the Month for June 2005!

We received these amazing ghost pictures from Babygirl11333, and there are definitely some shots of apparitions that make one think again!! We chose the first one as our ghost picture of the month - enjoy!

"One day my brother and his friends went to this haunted, deserted house that's over 180 years old. It's in Antioch,TN. They brought their camera and took pics, and things showed up in the pics that weren't there. I circled them in red."

1: "Looks like a form of a big coat or something.  It followed (turned) with you, wherever you went."

2: "This one is real noticeable.  It did the same as the other coat ghost thing."

3: Black mist appeared in this picture.

4: "It looks like a guy in a suit, sitting down or something...and this one really freaked me out."

5: "A mysterious white fog ghost thing in the air."

6: "Theres a woman in a dress we think, in the  metal (aluminum) part of the house."

7: "Theres a face beside the door,we had it in 3 pictures in 3 different spots, so it was moving."