Mohican Ghost Picture

Mona sent us some ghost pictures taken at a campsite. This incredible picture shows what some may think to be super-charged energy...moving orbs. We wonder if the night time flash setting might have created this spectacular effect. Either way, we were intrigued enough to share it as our March, 2005 ghost picture of the month.

"Just thought that I would submit this picture of some orbs. Out of all the pictures I have seen of orbs, I must say that this is the most awesome one that I have ever seen. This picture was taken at the Mohican Reservation in Loudenville, Ohio. My friends' kids are in the center of this pic. You can turn this picture upside down and there is a whole bunch of things that you see. I took this photo to a Walmart and zoomed and cropped the photos...(the little things up in the corner - the one looks like it is holding a sword above his head; when I cropped and zoomed in on these things, you could actually see faces on them). This picture was taken with a Sony Mavica. The camera actually burns the picture onto a CD. Hope to see this one on the site..."