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Ghost Pictures                                           [Q1 P2 '10 Submissions from our Viewers]

Mental Hospital Ghost Picture
An outstanding ghost picture taken on the floor below a psychiatric ward using a
camera that can see in darkness. Looks like a man in a straight-jacket...

Morley Music Hall Apparition
See-through person walking in the midst of pews at a very haunted building at
Lake Erie College. Very nice ghost photo.

Ghost Music Picture
We are trying to find an explanation for this white anomaly that appears with
them. It was seen floating through the viewfinder of the camera.

Ghost Walking
Nice ghost picture captured in a hotel that is experiencing odd phenomena.
Examine this photograph closely. It was not taken using a slow shutter speed.

Ghost Face Photo
Strange orange-haze looks like half a face that is moving. The anomaly is blurrly
while the rest of the photo is not. Shutter speed was rather quick. Hmm...

Ghost Girl Photo
Look past the orbs created by pollen and you might see the figure of a girl in a
dress to the right of the photograph.

Father-in-Law Ghost Picture?
Interesting photograph may have captured some ghost activity. It was not shot
using a digital camera, which makes it even more intriguing!

Burnside Bridge Ghost Picture
Faces appearing under an Antietam battlefield bridge is becoming the topic of
some conversations. One facial image looks striking like Lincoln. How did...

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(top) Ghost Picture by Adam Sparks.
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