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This is page three of ghost
we have gathered
recently from our viewers for
the first quarter of 2010.

Each ghost picture has its own
page with larger images and
more of the story behind the
ghost photograph.

Enjoy examining free ghost
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Ghost Pictures                                           [Q1 P3 '10 Submissions from our Viewers]

Queen Mary Nursery Ghost Picture
An unexpected find in their photo! A lady appears on the chalkboard but does
not appear to be a reflection. She is in period dress..

Peeking Ghost Picture
They were fooling around taking photographs when they accidentally captured
this black mass, a shadow ghost, which has been causing issues in the home.

World War Two Ghost Soldier
A green form beside an old tank blends nicely with trees in the background.
Looking closer, the details look like a soldier in uniform, dressed in olive drab.

Uninvited Guest Ghost Picture
They knew where the little ones were and how many adults were in the room
before the party began. This person moving in the room was not invited!

YouTube Ghost Picture?
Paul Freeman wanted to create a scary, short film for a YouTube contest. After
uploading the video, he noticed what looks like a ghost posing with him!

ITC Ghost Photos
Instrumental Transcommunication is an experimental way to attempt to
communicate with ghosts and spirits. These could be images of spirits...

Dog Ghost Photograph
Kathy Owen believes this just might be the image of a Cocker Spaniel somehow
appearing on a wall in Silver City.

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(top) Ghost Picture by Adam Sparks.
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