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Ghost Pictures                                              [Q1 '10 Submissions from our Viewers]

Bisbee Ghost Picture
Amazing ghost picture showing a little girl wearing a nightgown.  This ghost
photograph was snapped during a ghost tour of the Arizona town.

Strange Ghost Picture
What can we call this ghost picture but "strange?"  A family was haunted by the
ghost of a soldier and this ghost photo caused a priest to visit their home.

Car Ghost Picture
An automobile from Australia going to auction had someone sitting behind the
driver's wheel in this ghost picture.  He is wearing a hat...but the seat was empty.

Cat Spirit Pictures
Inspirational story of how a woman received possible messages from spirit during a period of grief after losing her pet.

Bar Ghost Picture
Wonderful example of ectoplasm with defined vapor trails. Smoking was not
allowed in the pub where this ghost picture was taken.

Boy Ghost Picture?
Compelling story, coupled with a photograph that just doesn't seem normal.  Do
you see a ghost of a child within the floor's reflections?  Take a look and decide.

New South Wales Ghost Pictures
Two ghost photographs from an Australian paranormal investigation team are
quite good.

Sach's Bridge Ghost Picture
Photograph of a ghostly apparition is striking.  The image appeared on
and was defended by Donna of
Ghost Hunters.

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Bisbee Ghost Girl Picture
Strange Ghost Picture
Ghost Car Picture
Cat Spirit Pictures
Bar Ghost Picture
Boy Ghost Picture
New South Wales Ghost Pictures
Sach's Bridge Ghost Picture
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(top) Ghost Picture by Adam Sparks.
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