ITC Ghost Photos

ITC, short for Instrumental Transcommunication, is a lesser-known form of ghost investigation and experimentation using electronic devices to capture images and audio of ghosts and spirits. (Also, see ITC Ghost Pictures for more examples.) These two ghost photos were sent to us by Nick Corey of Jasper Haunts. He believes he picked up the images of spirits using a TV screen.

The first photograph may show two spirits glimpsed through television ITC. The photo on the right is the same but has the two forms of people outlined. One looks to be a young girl with a bobbed haircut; the other looks like a man seated.

The following is Nick's description of the methods he uses to get screen captures of ghosts and spirits:

"I use blue screen on my computer and static on my television to capture the spirit images. I am a channeler of the light and an EVP specialist. I interact with the spirit world on a daily basis. As a channeler, I allow spirits to come freely to me, giving them many ways to connect during my sessions. I have chosen ITC as being one of the many ways. I will sit in front of a TV or computer, and by candle light, I will invite the spirits to come through to me. I have had many spirits tell them that they can indeed see the light in the room. These spiritual beings are indeed intelligent just as they were when in physical bodies. I am the voice for the spirits who come through, giving them a chance to reconnect to the physical realm once again."