Instrumental Transcommunication Questions

The following are some good questions to consider concerning ITC...

Questions About Instrumental TranscommunicationWhat Is It Like in Spirit?
What happens when one dies? Most NDEs (Near Death Experiences) have a common thread in what occurs. First most survivors of near death describe a loving, peaceful white light, sometimes described as a “tunnel of light.” Secondly, they also describe loved ones, friends, messengers or guides who help them transition into the white light. Thirdly, if the white light is entered into, the person will then proceed unto a “life review” that is a cleansing process. These descriptions of a positive death experience are important for the ITC research to understand, as there are two types of entities that can be contacted through Instrumental Transcommunication: spirits and ghosts. We shall use the term spirits to describe those who have entered and/or come from the light unto the earthly realm to visit, assist or communicate.

Ghosts, on the other hand, are spirits that have not gone unto the light for a variety of reasons, but have remained as earthbound spirits. It is important to understand that no matter how good a ghost’s intentions are it is still considered to be “unclean,” temporarily lost and in need of entering into the light for cleansing, healing and life-direction. This condition of the ghost may be described as temporary “darkness” - the absence of light. Think of how our judgment may be clouded when we are in the midst of struggle. It is the same with people who remain behind - they are still thinking and believing how many of us do, preventing them from seeing a higher perspective and experiencing life beyond what they have known while on earth. This darkness may be negative, at times, depending on the lost soul's disposition. If the person was negative while in-body, then this behavior may magnify while out-of-body and in fear. The light has not yet healed and transformed the person; thus, they are truly existing in a temporary hell, for lack of a better comparison. Read more about this: How to Get Rid of Ghosts.

Who Are You Communicating With?
When performing ITC experiments, it then becomes necessary to determine who one is in contact with. Often times, ITC experimenters will have a spirit from the light (e.g. one who is enlightened or wise) make contact to first operate as a guide, operator or what’s best called the “control.” Through this “control,” other spirits or ghosts can be brought forth for communication by the experienced ITC communicator. It is believed that the spirit or spirits who facilitate the connection will also assist in keeping the ITC experimenter "protected."

(Real Instrumental Transcommunication ghost photo seen here provided by Nick Corey of Jasper Haunts.)

How Do Ghosts and Spirits Communicate With Us?
It is also important to understand that spirits and ghosts most likely communicate through thoughts – telepathy as the preferred way of communicating. The thinking of thoughts most likely cannot be hidden in the realm of spirit. Thoughts are spirit – energy. Different forms of ITC are just methods at physically tuning into the thoughts of those around us in spirit. If we could pull back the curtain that seemingly separates us from the invisible world, we might be shocked to find that we are probably hearing and being influenced regularly by the thoughts of spirits and ghosts on the other side of the veil. Shockingly, we are probably not that adept at separating our own thoughts from the thoughts of others, thus even claiming some of them as our own. There are positive and negative thoughts (e.g. battling our own demons).

The idea of thoughts for communication alone in the spirit world, brings up other ideas concerning spirits. Do ghosts and spirits of similar condition hang around each other…call it the law of attraction? Are ghosts and spirits of similar interests and condition as those of us here in physical bodies also attracted to one another? Could it be that through ITC devices that the consciousnesses of all communicators (spirits, ghosts, humans in-body) meet? If so, then the ITC practitioner could be making contact with those of similar condition, intention, purpose and consciousness.