ITC Ghost Pictures

DJ Lu sent the following ITC images taken from a TV. ITC (Instrumental Transcommunication) is the use of electronics such as televisions, radios, computers, audio recorders, telephones, etc. to gather spirit voices, images, and text from the world unseen. In other words, ITC is the use of different devices to try and record communication by spirits from beyond the grave. Below are several ITC photos of a man and a company logo that were photographed as they appeared in looping video. Are they images sent from the other side?

"I have seen the ITC pictures and would like to comment on the third one on which a logo appears in the tube. The company ARTOC is still existing ( so it is not a rogue broadcast. Someone who worked there must have given that (as a sign) to have somewhat of a clue." - Denise (She wrote us after seeing the images.)

Are these images captured via ITC from the spirit world or are they rogue broadcast signals from this realm? Could someone in spirit send images like these over to those of us here in an attempt to communicate or could they be a capture of spirit energy by modern day electronics? We have lots of questions but few answers...

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