Ghosts in Audio?

Spectrogram Ghosts: Are images of ghosts and spirits hidden in audio?

As hard as it may be to believe, people who are experimenting in ITC (Instrumental Transcommunication) are reportedly capturing some fascinating results within sound waves. Utilizing a spectrograph (software or instrument used to visually study audio recordings – sounds), experimenters examine either streaming or recorded audio spectrograph imagery for human faces. Could ghosts and spirits be making their presence known cryptically?
Spirits in Sound?
The idea of looking for ghosts and spirits to manifest in sound recordings seems to be the brainchild of Keith Clark of ITC Bridge. After being intrigued by musicians who sometimes hide images within their music recordings, Keith theorized that perhaps the faces of spirits could be imprinted within certain audio frequencies. He wondered if spirit could influence sound to produce pictures of themselves. Keith believes all forms of energy can be influenced by spirits which is the basis for ITC. So, why couldn't spirits manifest within images taken from sound waves? Keith produces a live audio stream of various frequencies that participants may visually observe, looking for spirit manifestations. Some of their audio spectrogram facial images are shown on this page.
Proof of Concept
The digital musical artist known as Aphex Twin, Richard David James, embedded his own facial image into the audio recording of his music. This example, above, alone proves that it is possible to intentionally embed images into sound. This spectrogram was taken from the song, Mathematical Equation.
EVP and Ghost Box Analysis
Could ghost and spirit messages, EVP, contain the pictures of disembodied human spirits? Should we be further analyzing audio recordings that contain electronic voice phenomenon? Can ghost box recordings possess spirit images along with the messages, too? Let the experiments begin!
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