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This month's real Ghost pictures
were received by
 Angels &
Ghosts for all to see!
Each ghost picture has its
own page & story...many
free great ghost pics to
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this month!
fanham wood mill ghost picture from 1929
Ghost Picture
of the Month
for April 2007
April '07 Ghost Pictures

Castle Window Ghost Pic
Apparently a lady decided
to attend their wedding at
Castle de Essenbergh.

Amsterdam Ghost Picture
Nice capture of a mist
flowing in front of a castle
looking building.

Alnwick Castle Ghosts
Castle where Harry Potter
was filmed shows a green
energy in two pictures.

Belfast Ghost Picture  
Very interesting picture of a
luminous boy behind
another boy.  Is it a ghost?

Shoulder Webcam Pic
Spooky ghost picture of
what looks like a woman
leaning over Wayne...

Willard Library Picture?
Did she capture some type
of ghost entity from a web

Who is on the Porch?
Where did this lady come
from in this ghost picture?  

Ghost Cloud Pictures
Mysterious cloud moves
and forms in front of a wall
in Tuscon.  What was it?

Bridge Ghost Picture
Did a homeless man appear
in a mist after being beaten
in Cleveland, Ohio?
April '07 Ghost Photos

1929 Ghost Picture
Robert D. Walsh took this
photo at Fanham Wood Mill
and published it...

Victorian Birthday Ghosts
Ghost picture effect that
shows a timed exposure
from the late 1800s.

Miles Brewton Ghost
Nice catch of a ghost mist
taken outside of the historic

Uncle Ghost Picture
Did he show up as a mist
and outlined form after his
crossing over?

Darla's Ghost Pictures  
Her house is haunted, so it
sounds, so here are some
different photos to prove it.

Grave Face Ghost Photo
Fun image of a face peering
out of the mud, but he looks
content, not sad...

Mexico City Ghost Pic
Can you see an apparition
behind them or is it a trick?  
Here is what we think.

Ghostly Inhabitants Pics
Photographs of ghost
ectoplasm and an orb.

Girl Behind Wall Photo
Yeeowza!!  Is it a stone, a
bush or a creepy little girl
peering over the wall?
April '07 Ghost Pics

Orb Pictures - April 07
This month's collection of  
orb pictures from different

Woman in Mouth Pic
What caused this anomaly
in this picture?  Is it a
ghost or camera error?

Rest Home Ghost Picture
Mist flowing around people
in a non-smoking building.

Waterpark Ghost Picture
What the heck caused this
anomaly above the bed?

Husband Spirit Image
Gosh, is a ghost husband
peeking out from behind in
this ghost picture?

Ghost Shadow Picture
Tina may have captured the
shadow of her dad in his
chair.  He's passed on...

Sensabaugh Ghost Pic?
Uh, where did this mist
come from when it wasn't
there in 86 pictures?

Ghost Aura Ghost Photo
Was there a spiritual
presence around them at
their wedding?

1980s Mists Ghost Pics
Blurry pictures, but you
can still see the ecto...and
one is above the dog!
More Ghost Pictures...

Virginia City Ghost Photo
This is one different looking
ghost picture.  Check it
out...a must see.

Bon Fire Ghost Picture
Yikes!  What happened or
who happened in this ghost

Old Miner Dredge Ghost
Linda and her husband's
picture of an apparition
taken in Alaska.

Darts Ghost Picture
Energy showed up in Bill's
picture taken in an old
building on the Erie Canal.

Birdcage Theater Ghosts
This famous Tombstone
Arizona place is legendary
and very haunted.

Lounge Ghost Picture
This may be a ghostly mist
in this photograph...

Florida Apparition?
Intriguing head over a stone
in this ghost picture.  You
need to look closely...
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