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Liz sent us some ghost pictures taken at the extremely haunted Birdcage Theater.  Her husband looks a lot
like Wyatt Earp, indeed!

"I am submitting these photos to you from a trip that I had in Tombstone, AZ.  My husband and I had some
very strange experiences there, especially in the Birdcage Theater.  He smelled perfume and felt someone
near him.  I told him joking, that is was Josey...Wyatt Earp's lover.  I was told that the resemblance to Wyatt
and him is uncanny, what do you think?"
birdcage theater ghost picture
birdcage theater
Top picture:  Orb in the Birdcage Theater.

Above:  Do you see anything in the mirror?

Right: Liz's husband and Wyatt Earp bear a
similar resemblance.
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