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Linda Hack of Chokoloskee, Florida sent this ghost picture of an apparition at an old miner dredge.  You can
see the face pretty clearly...

"(This picture was) taken while my husband and I were in Alaska on our trip.  ...we were viewing an old miner
dredge and my husband took this picture with his camera.  We didn't have the film developed until we got back
to Florida.  At first we thought it to be damaged, but on further examination I could see the ghost under the
ectoplasm.  He is standing on the dredge arm looking down to what could be the ghost of a dog or mule.  I
understand during the gold rush days the pack mule became a true pet of the miner."
old miner dredge ghost picture
negative apparition image gamma adjusted apparition
Above: Close-ups of the apparition...negative and gamma-adjusted image.  
Can you see the head and face?
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