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Jos sent this ghost picture taken in Virginia City of a Civil War (or Cavalry soldier) and a lady on a balcony in
period dress.  It looks almost like a painting...weird.  Here are Jos' comments concerning the ghost picture:  

"Not altered, as you can see the picture is half black and white, but is a color picture. The balcony on the side
of the building shouldn't be there.  The two people were not in the picture when I took this in Virginia City, NV.
The man below looks like he is wearing a civil war uniform...his face a skull and the woman translucent.  I also
have a picture of it manifesting, as I took it before this one.  You can actually see the woman waving, if you
blow up the pic just a bit larger."
virginia city ghost picture
Close-up of the lady on the

Close-up of the soldier.
Update:  Busted!
"On your site you posted a Virginia City ghost picture with a woman in
Victorian dress and possibly a civil war soldier.  This picture is so obviously a
fraud.  If you go to where the picture was taken there is a painting of the so
called 'ghost' right on the wall.  See attached photo (below) and you'll see the
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