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Kimberly sent us this ghost picture of a mysterious mist that appeared in one of her photos taken in
Sensabaugh Tunnel...

"I took this photo in a tunnel called Sensabaugh Tunnel located in Kingsport, TN.  The legend that goes with
the tunnel says that a hobo worked for the Sensabaugh family for a short time.  Mr. Sensabaugh grabbed his
pistol when the hobo was caught stealing. The hobo (unnamed) then grabbed the Sensabaugh's new born
baby and used him as a shield to flee the home.  He then ran to the nearby tunnel which has a creek running
through it, and drowned the baby.  It is said that you can hear the baby cry.  I took 87 pictures inside the
tunnel and their was no fog, or steam, or whatever this is.  Only this one (picture) showed anything."
sensabaugh tunnel ghost picture
sensabaugh tunnel

The tunnel as it
appeared right
before the
mysterious mist.
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