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This month's real ghost pictures were sent to  Angels & Ghosts for all to see this Halloween season!

Ghost picture of the Month!

Each ghost picture has its own page & story...many free, great ghost pics to enjoy for your Halloween time ghost study!

October 2007 Ghost Picture of the Month:

Oct '07 Ghost Pictures
Bannack Church Ghost Freaky ghost picture taken at a ghost town - who is it?

Grave Man Ghost Picture
Is this a ghost of the one buried here?  You decide.

Strange Arm Photo
Where did this ghost appendage come from?

Fairview Ghost Pictures
Anomalous figures in picture around the stones.

Spirits Ghosts Picture
Ghostly heads are found by a car after a tragedy.

Ghost Figure on Bench
Picture from Germany of someone sitting down...
Oct '07 Ghost Pictures
Home Mists Ghost Pics
She wanted to know if she was crazy or what...

Dalton Gang Ghost Pic
Is the group still hiding from their enemies?

Orb Vortex Ghost Picture
Not a camera strap, is it an orb or vortex in this pic?

Iceland Ghost Picture
Apparition is captured running in front of a car.

Glasgow Ghost Picture
Is the man in the window a ghost?  You decide...

Owain Glyndwr Ghost
This ghost picture made the local newspaper!

Moorage Fire Ghost Pics
Swirling ectoplasm near her has faces in it maybe.
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Oct '07 Ghost Pictures
Orlando Ghost Picture
Who appeared behind her in the hotel room?

Whaley Dog Ghost Pic
Is this a ghost dog on the floor of the room?

Sunglasses Ghost Pic
Is this the ghost of a man's face in this picture?

Jail Ghost Picture
Weird face appears in St. Augustine old prison...

Guides Ghost Picture
Strange anomalous ball of energy above the kids...

Scary Face & Orb Pic
Ghost picture of the sky with an eerie capture!

Bird Cage Theater Ghost
Picture of a lady reflected in the haunted piano!

Monster Ghost Picture
This looks just like Frankenstein...yikes!


 Orb Ghost Pictures
October Orb Pictures
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