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Spirits and Ghosts:
About a third of the United States population believes in the existence of ghosts.  This could be because many are hopeful that their lives will indeed continue on after death.  Yet, there are those who believe in ghosts because they have had a personal paranormal experience that has confirmed to them that ghosts do in fact exist.  Many ask themselves, “What happens when we die?”  None of us want to see our earthly existence come to an end, so we curiously explore the various ideas and ghost theories found within our own specific society.

For years, we decided to explore the historical, religious and spiritual beliefs regarding ghosts and spirits by examining the evidence we could collect from around the world that could possibly give us insight into ghosts and spirits.

This task has been easy to do given the rise of the Internet, and the ever-improving rise in computer video and audio technologies.  Contrast this with the keen interest the public seems to have in ghosts, as 

evidenced by popular television programs and movies, and we found ourselves possessing quite a bit of evidence from which to work with.  Over the past five years, we were able to collect and post ghost stories, angel stories, ghost videos, ghost pictures, angel pictures and the like – all potential evidence of the existence of spirits.  For us, it wasn’t about proving ghosts exist, but more an attempt to try and discern what is happening in the

Ghost Rescue Audio!

spirit realm.   In that spirit (pun intended), we worked to then try and communicate with ghosts and spirits utilizing EVP and the ghost box.  This has allowed us to give some results with what we believe is happening on the other side of death – call it the spirit realm.

Working with the ghost box has enabled easier two-way communication with both ghosts and spirits, giving us some interesting understanding as to what is

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occurring on the other side of the grave.  Many of the messages we have recorded from ghosts are what we call “help messages,” and often are just numerous “help me” pleas.   Amazingly, it seems spirits (those who come from the light) are cleansed spirits who are benevolent and devoted to helping those who are lost and hurting.  Often, recordings would reveal spirits telling ghosts to “speak up” when communicating with us, ever encouraging them to listen to us and go to the light.  We have recorded these benevolent spirits giving us confirmation that ghosts we were working with did indeed cross over to the light, as well.  If the ghosts listen, they can easily be helped.  Having someone on the other side with the ghost always seems to assist in the ghost rescue.

Ghosts: Lost People
Our description of ghosts does sometimes vary from others it seems (see Ghost Theories), as we see ghosts as being lost and hurting people – earthbound spirits who are in need of our help.  For the purpose of understanding ghost rescue, ghosts are disembodied human spirits; people who have elected to remain with those of us living, having refused to head to the light upon the death of their physical bodies.  When we say “light,” we are describing the tunnel of light experience described within the majority of near death experiences.  From that perspective, ghosts are spirits, but spirits that have chosen to remain earthbound; some willingly, while others unwittingly.  We have found that ghosts are hurting, disincarnate people, who need help in transitioning from this realm to the next.

Why do ghosts remain here with those of us in bodies?  Most choose to stay here, reluctant to progress in their life journey, due to fear.  The reasons why a person becomes a “ghost” of a person by hiding among the living can vary quite a bit, but all reasons for remaining earthbound are rooted in fear.  It is fear that causes emotional turmoil, mistaken thinking, and at times, desperation for relief.  

Not all ghosts are nice, but most are not negative, either.  No matter what personality a ghost may manifest, the root cause of the person’s mistaken thinking will always be found to be fear; for fear is based upon past experience, and being false, always appears to be truth.  ghost rescue means to help the ghost identify the fear so the person communicating with the lost person can help undo the mistaken thinking.  In doing so, the earthbound spirit can begin to understand their condition and what must be done to be freed from this fallen mindset.

Consequently, helping ghosts so they move on unto the light can be difficult and requires patience.  It needs to be equated with counseling, similar to speaking with a psychiatrist, perhaps.  Sometimes people will be irrational, as fear drives them to anger, hatred, and emotional traumas of all sorts, including feelings of guilt, depression, anxiety, doubt and worry.  We learned that asking for help from benevolent spirits (call them angels, spirit guides, family, etc) really strengthens the effectiveness of the process.  Often, ghosts are longing to be with family members who have already passed, and just the mentioning of say a deceased parent, sibling, or grandparent seems to break some of the fear that holds the lost spirit captive.  We tried to approach ghost rescue from the perspective that people who have died and remain behind most likely have similar wants and desires as those of us in bodies, with only personalities of the people varying.  Of course intellects will vary, as well as strength of emotions from person to person.  Learning to find the humanity within the hurting person on the other side is what helps to free the hurting spirit, a stark contrast to fearing ghosts as being evil or demonic (as taught by the uneducated and often religious).

Before I describe the steps I use during ghost rescue, I must explain that working with someone sensitive to spirit, or developing one’s own spiritual sensitivity is necessary in working towards freeing spirits.  Practice hearing answers to questions within your being by first learning to quiet the mind.  This is best practiced through meditation.  If you are able to practice and work with a ghost box, this can also help provide another tool in your tool belt to assist spirits.  Some ghost rescues are done by people adept at working with ghost boxes solely.  Whatever the method, the results will be the same if fear is being removed and the ghost is set free and unto the light.

Ghost rescue: How to Rescue Ghosts  (also see Spirit Rescue Audio )
As mentioned previously, the most effective way to help ghosts is not to command them to go to the light, but to reason with them concerning why they have chosen to remain here, while educating them as to where they should be.  The following ghost rescue walk-through is to be used by those who have developed their own personal connection with the spirit realm, or in conjunction with a talented medium:

First, I think it best to make sure a ghost is aware that their body has died, but yet they are still alive and alright.  I like to do this, as some ghosts seem to be panicked not knowing what is going on.  Comprehending the death of our own body is important as well as understanding that our spirit lives on and is incorruptible.  Acknowledge that you know the ghost is there and that you are trying to hear the lost spirit and of course help their situation.  Many times ghosts just want to be acknowledged as it proves to them that they are still alive and well, and not hallucinating or dreaming. You may at times be surprised to find that while you are explaining such things to earthbound spirits in order to try and help them, other spirits from the light will also be communicating with them as well.  It’s sort of like a tag team-type effort from both sides!   (Be sure and see the Ghost Rescue Video )

Secondly, explain that the light is where the lost ghost should be and not here on Earth.  I describe the light as the place some call heaven – where intense love, joy and peace will be felt.  The light should be known to be a place where all pain goes away, no punishment exists, and the life-journey will continue.  Remaining behind has stopped their life-journey from moving forward, as the lost spirit is effectively “stuck” in the past by the power of the mind.  If communicating with the ghost of a child, try describing the light as a fun place to be.  With all ghosts, try and understand the reason behind the spirit remaining here, seeking to understand their frame of mind and assisting them to resolve issues.  Is there unfinished business?  Is there a message that needs to be shared with the living from the deceased?  Is there fear of punishment or something else that keeps them from going to the light?  Confronting the past and helping to vanquish fears (which may just be expressed as concerns, doubts, worries, anger, etc) is what sets people free.  Assure the lost spirit that they may of course return and visit earthly loved ones from time to time.  Also see: Ghost Rescue of Children

Lastly, once you reach a point where the spirit is ready to move beyond this realm and unto the next, it is time to make the transition as easy as possible.  I try and let them know that the spirits with me currently are there to help guide them and mean them no harm.  Further explain to the lost soul that their loved ones are right there with them also, as it seems to help the transition and set the expectation.  This is not an untruth, as loved ones will be there and most likely already are with the lost spirit.  We have found that often loved ones in spirit try to reach those whom are trapped here, but many times are unsuccessful.  The ghost may or may not be aware of their presence.  Still, make them aware of their loved ones by asking the ghost to concentrate on family or friends who passed before them; doing so with the expectancy of those loved ones hearing them and reuniting with them.  This process seems essential in removing the fear of moving further into the light alone.   At this point I like to have them imagine that they are closing their eyes, and as they do so, I tell them a small light appears behind them.  As they continue to think about their loved ones, I tell them that light is growing larger and warmer behind them– nothing to fear, but something that feels inviting and full of love.  Now I ask the ghost to imagine that same light wrapping them in warmth, a blanket of love, peace and joy; telling them their loved ones are in that light, as well.  I then ask the ghost to keep their eyes closed and turn around reaching out to their loved ones.  Upon doing so, I ask that they open their eyes and they will see their loved one(s) holding their hands.  Then tell the ghost to proceed further into the light with loved ones and in peace.  Read an account: Ghost Rescue Story

The Spirited Conclusion:
Ghosts and spirits are around us all.  Even though spirits exist on another plane, they choose to interact with the living for either our help (ghosts), or to help us (spirits from the light, such as angels, spirit guides, etc).  Both interact with all of us more than most comprehend and are not limited to living in what we may deem as haunted locations.  Ghosts and spirits have no boundaries with respect to where they must be, or who they may visit.  All of us are one with each other, whether with a body or without.  True healing can only come to us when we recognize the truth regarding our oneness with all.  - LC

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