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Angelic Accounts for the Holidays!

Are you aware of angels with you?

December 2011

More Angels Than Ghosts This Month!
With the holiday season upon us, we thought it might be nice to share some inspiring stories about angels – unseen spirits who are with us to observe, guide, and at times, help. We know you’ll enjoy this month’s accounts of angelic help!

We’ve also added a few new angel (spirit) pictures this month for your enjoyment. Have a great month and enjoy your time with family.

Book Update
The Jesus Religion Revised Edition is still in the works for publishing, but we are a bit behind during this busy, holiday season. Stay tuned – it will have some new content and revised verbiage to better help those who need what lies between its covers.


Stories of Archangels & Angels Bringing Help

You will not believe what she saw…

The following accounts of angels are truly inspiring!

Near Death Experience & Death Bed Angels
Did her NDE give her the ability to see the angels attending her mom during her last days on earth?

Archangels Story
Read what Kathy did to help clear her troubled house.


New Ghost & Angel Pictures, Ghost Videos to See!

Convent nun spirit – is it real?

Ghost Pictures? Angel Pictures?

Take a look at these newly added ghost & spirit pictures:
Theatre Ghost Picture
Carriage House Ghost Picture
Swinging Bridge Ghosts
Daughter’s Doorway Ghost?
Funeral Spirit Picture
Convent Nun Picture (at left)
1960 Angel or Spirit Picture
Ava’s Angel Photos

Recent Ghost Videos: Just in time for the Holidays, get in the “spirit” by watching these newly added Ghost Videos. (Hint: Be sure and see the ghost girl in a white dress!)


Links to Angels, Ghosts & Spirits!

We are always adding more pages about ghosts and spirits!

Please enjoy our thousands of pages of information about ghosts and spirits!

Below are links to some of the main sections of the Angels & Ghosts website:

Ghost Stories
Angel Stories
Ghost Videos
Ghost Pictures
Angel Pictures
Espanol Angeles y Fantasmas!

More Shortcuts to Spirits:
This is our latest Ghost Pictures page which is added to each month:
Ghost Pictures Collection

This is our expanding Angel Pictures page which is added to each month:
Angel Pictures Collection


Ghost Store: New Ghost Box!

New Sangean ghost box…

We’ve added a new ghost box for sale at our Fringe Technology Store.

This radio is quality and altered to sweep the AM and FM bands for enhanced EVP collection: two-way ghost and spirit communication.


Get the book on Amazon!

Happy Holidays – enjoy your time with family,

Louis Charles, Publisher & Author

Angels & Ghosts

Helping Ghosts


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