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From Our 2011 Ghost Pictures...

"I was at my aunt's funeral in Racine, Wisconsin. After the service, I took a picture of my mom and Aunt Dorothy. I ended up taking five pictures because four of them were weird. Now, I'm wondering if it is my aunt's spirit."
- Sam L.

The spirit picture taken at the funeral service by Sam:
Funeral Spirit Picture: Funeral Mist

The photograph Sam took is interesting, especially because no one was able to smoke in the building. So, this begs the question, "From where did the mist originate?" It is also intriguing to us that the camera recorded the mist four times. The photo did not have a lengthened exposure, and it does not appear that the strange, misty look had anything to do with flash. If it were something near the lens, it would be less likely that the effect would have been reproduced four times.

Did Sam photograph her aunt's spirit or possibly the presence of others in spirit with the family while at the funeral service? You decide...

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