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Ghosts' Photographs                                                                                        2010 Q3 P2
When Peter Kanellis of
Discovery Paranormal and member of Ghost Hunters of the Finger
contacted us this month, we were shocked by some of the impressive ghosts'
photographs he and his team have captured using experimental equipment. The above
images of a female ghost sitting at a desk blew our minds! What's fascinating it that the team
did not know they had captured a ghost at all. They were using a camera designed for
photographing game animals on forest trails. When it detects movement, it snaps
Ghosts: Photographs Produced Different Ways
Like Mr. Kanellis, others are beginning to
experiment with altered camera equipment in
order to better capture the images of ghosts.
This month, we bring you several ghosts'
photographs that were recorded using different
types of cameras.

Peter Kanellis used a trail cam and is also
working with a UV-Vis-IR converted camera.
(Rumor has it that one of his photographs taken
with this camera will appear in a major
paranormal magazine this quarter.) One photo
we feature this month was taken at the Ohio State Reformatory in Mansfield, Ohio using a
similar UV-Vis-IR converted digital camera. The ghosts' photograph reveals an energy on a
stairwell. It was taken by Dale Lute of Akron, Ohio.

"The UV-Vis-IR camera does not filter out the visible spectrum but simply has expanded
range and can see in the dark with Infrared lighting,"
says Lute. "The camera was purchased
at the
Fringe Technology Store."

A bit different from the camera Dale Lute used to capture his ghost, the Moditronic Full
Spectrum Camera filters out the visible light, capturing only the UV and IR spectrums. Piper
and Paul Baracani swear by it and their ghosts' photographs from the
Brown Palace Hotel
show a stunning apparition! Their photos appear below with other fantastic ghosts'
photographs taken with smart phone and compact digital cameras.

Ghosts: Photographs - Select the image or text below to view a larger version of the
photograph and read the story behind the ghost and experience photographing it!
  Trail Cam Ghost Picture              Ghost Dog Picture                    Coat Ghost Picture                Church Vicar Ghost Pic
Help with Haunting: Helping Ghosts!
Brown Palace Ghost Photo        OSR Ghost Photograph
Ghost Photography Tip: Did you know that
most cell phone cameras can see IR better
than a regular digital camera? We got this tip
from a former phone techy! Test out your
phone camera by pointing a TV remote
control at it. If it "sees" a white dot, it sees IR!
  Men in White Ghost Pic           Tree Lady Ghost Picture
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