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Near death experiences” (NDEs) was used by Raymond Moody, MD in
the book "Life After Life."  
Near death experiences or NDEs are reported
after a
near death occurrence.  In near death experiences, a person is
either clinically dead, or in a state where
death is imminent.  Also, people
in deep grief, meditation, or going about their lives have also have had
experiences that seem similar to NDEs.  Many near death
(NDEs) have shown that “near death” is not accurate; as
those who have had
near death experiences say they experienced the
death process, and were not just near death.

Near death experiences (NDEs) have revealed two types of possible
afterlife situations.  Most
near death experiences are pleasurable.  The
person usually feels love, joy, and peace.  But some people have had
near death experiences. These NDEs frequently have
feelings of horror, anger, guilt, shame, condemnation and isolation.  
Near death experiences have given us glimpse into the heavens and
hells; and the
experiences are reportedly more real than what we have
experienced in our earthly lives.
Near death experiences that are pleasurable, usually have four main events: firstly, being disassociated with the body; secondly,
seeing the natural environment differently (being able to see clearer and more vivid; seeing through walls, etc); thirdly, experiencing the
supernatural, as the
near death experience moves beyond this natural world and into worlds unseen - usually beginning with a tunnel
of light; and lastly a life review is experienced, where one sees their entire earthly life in fast forward.

Near death experiences that are unpleasurable, usually make the person feel worthless, powerless, nothingness and even tormented.  
Some may describe one of these feelings are a combination of them, but in all cases this type of
NDE can only be described as “hell.”  
People have reported ugly or frightening landscapes, people in torment, and hideous creatures in the worst cases.
Near Death Experiences  

Valerie's Near Death
Near Death Experience in
a classroom...

Anonymous NDE
Story of a tunnel and grandpa
turning this person back.

Melanie's NDE
A childhood near death
experience happened by
drowning in a pool.

Laszlo's Near Death Story
He bounced out of his body
and was chasing it at the
hospital in his NDE.

Rick's Near Death Shock
Fantastic story of a son's love
coming to the rescue...

Near Death Experience
Andy had some strange stuff
happen when he came back!
Katie's Near Death
Near Death Experience
occurs under water.

Anonymous NDE

M.M.'s NDE

Mom's Near Death  
Raewyn's mother had four
NDEs & visited her later!

NDE From Suicide
Excerpts from Chris King's
new book detailing his
death and resurrection.

My Son's NDE
Sherry recounts the near
death experience that
changed their lives.

Out of Body Experiences
Near Death Experiences 2
NDE of 6Wings

Near Death Experiences
Opening of 6Wings near
death experience.  See the
afterlife through her eyes...

Near Death Experiences
Continued NDE experience
of 6Wings and her thoughts
as she speaks to beings...

NDE and Angels
6W tells us more about the
heavens, angels as her NDE
continues forth...

Near Death Experiences
6W tells us more and
introduces us to her
husband's NDE, too!

NDEs What Was Learned
6W tells us more about what
was learned through her
NDE and conversations.
Near Death Lessons
Ghosts and more, as 6W
tells us about her near death

NDE Thoughts
More experiences from near
death, by Six.  Read some
final thoughts by her.

Near Death Insights
6Wings2 joins his wife in
describing spiritual truths
found in their NDEs...

Near Death Crossover
6W2 tells his story of the car
crash and crossing over in
his NDE!
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Near death experiences: NDEs seeks to provide proof of life after death.  To prove life after
death, one can only provide evidence of the existence of the living after they die...