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Refurbished Full Spectrum Camera

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Preowned Full Spectrum Camera for Sale!

This full spectrum model is a great buy and our preferred choice for ghost hunting. Camera comes with a large view screen, rechargeable lithium battery and captures clear images in the Near IR, Visible, and Near UV range (camera sees in the dark due to its expanded visibility over an Infrared camera). Can be used with visible and invisible light such as IR. Comes in the color black (our choice, based upon availability).

This is a PREOWNED digital point-and-shoot camera that has been converted for ghost

This ghost investigation camera allows you to photograph both the visible and invisible frequencies of light that are hidden to the human eye.

See the New Full Spectrum Camera page for more details.

Our ghost hunting camera takes fantastic photos when used with an
Infrared light (not included but recommended). You may also want to purchase our Infrared Pass Filter Kit that allows this camera to be changed back and forth from Full Spectrum to Infrared-only for experimentation.

Our chart at left shows the frequency range of light that our ghost hunting camera can see. Also, we've included an actual ghost photo at left that was taken with this same model of camera.

Full Spectrum Camera Details:
This full spectrum ghost hunting camera does not come with an SD memory card, owner's manual, or any accessories. You will need an SD memory card to store pictures taken by the camera. A USB cable is included for charging and as another way to upload photographs to your computer (if it does not have an SD card reader, built-in). This ghost hunting camera is powered by a rechargeable lithium battery.

The camera does not come with a warranty or guarantee. We take returns within two weeks of your order, only if there is a mechanical defect; so make certain you understand how this camera is to be used. We do stand behind our work.

Condition: The camera is a preowned conversion and is black or red in color (our choice based upon availability). We test our cameras fully after conversion to ensure they function as they should. This conversion is a fantastic buy for your ghost investigation use - highly recommended!

Camera Manufacturer's Specs:
- Camera Type: Digital-Compact, Vivitar
- Resolution: 8.1 Megapixel
- LCD Screen Size: 2.4 inches
- Digital Zoom: 8x
- Weight: 3.5 oz.
- Image Resolutions: JPEG 3264 x 2448 ¦ JPEG 2592 x 1944 ¦ JPEG 2048 x 1536 ¦ JPEG 640 x 480
- Video Resolutions: 320 x 240 • 640 x 480 (VGA)- Video Format: AVI
- White Balance: Auto • Daylight (Preset) • Cloudy (Preset) • Fluorescent (Preset) • Tungsten (Preset)
- Integrated Memory: 16 MB
- Compression Type: JPEG
- ISO Speeds: Auto • 100 • 200 • 400
- Interface Type: USB 2.0
- Battery Type: Rechargeable Lithium Battery
- Self Timer: 2 Seconds • 5 Seconds • 10 Seconds
- Tripod Mount: Yes
- Width: 3.6 in.
- Depth: 0.7 in.
- Height: 2.3 in.
- Weight: 3.5 oz.

Your Price: $50.00