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Ghost Pictures                                              [Q1 '09 Submissions from our Viewers]

Gettysburg Ghost Photograph
Very nice ghost apparition picture taken at the Cashtown Inn by Tracey Burnett
of the Supernatural Investigators of Virginia.

Horse Ghost Picture
Amazing photo of a ghostly horse manifesting in a barn stall beside another
living equine that is asleep on its back.  An interesting image...

Old Building Ghost Picture
Her apartment is possibly haunted, and this photograph is the proof.  A
vaporous mist almost in human form, showing possible eyes and mouth.

Museum Ghost Picture
This ghost picture was taken at the "Lunatic House," or otherwise known as the
Wood County Historical Museum.  Is it the face of a spectre in the window?

Creepy Basement Ghost Picture
Donna of Wisconsin has to go to the basement to get supplies, and she knows
there is a young man hiding down there.  This ghost picture is the proof!

Leaf Face Ghost Picture
Derek was walking his dog in Randalstown Forest in Northern Ireland taking
pictures.  This photograph has a striking facial image in the tree branches...

Spirited Grove Ghost Picture
A photograph of his wife turns ghastly!  This ghost pictures was taken at
haunted Gettysburg, and you won't believe this image...

Ghosts In The Mist Picture
Janice from British Columbia had previously sent us an amazing misty apparition
photo, and this is another ghost pic from the same night and place.

Visible Ghost Picture
This image is interesting, as it was photographed by accident.  A see-through
man is walking through her mother's yard in Utah.

Wishing Well Ghost Picture
Bridge in Kingscourt County Cavan, has a figure of a young woodland lady
holding a baby.  The problem is she wasn't spotted by the photographer...

Mirror Ghost Picture
Are there ghosts found within this blue reflection?  We just had to show you this
ghost picture, because the image itself with the gold frame is striking!

Little Girl Ghost Photograph
This is one freaky ghost picture, as the image of a ghostly gal was found when
the photo was turned upside-down.  She looks like a doll.  Is she real?

Hayden's Guardian Spirit Picture
This picture looks rather ghostly, but Joanne tells us it is his protector.  Either
way, it is an incredible image that we just had to post in the ghost pics section.

Ghostly Vapor Ghost Picture
Very cool ecto-mist ghost picture taken in front of a marker.  Is it the spirit
manifestation of their loved one?

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Gettysburg Ghost Picture
Horse Ghost Picture
Old Building Ghost Picture
Musuem Ghost Picture
Creepy Basement Ghost Picture
Leaf Face Ghost Picture
Spirited Grove Ghost Picture
Ghosts In The Mist Ghost Picture!
Visible Ghost Picture
Wishing Well Ghost Picture
Mirror Ghost Picture?
Little Girl Ghost Photograph
Hayden's Guardian Spirit
Ghostly Vapor Ghost Picture
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