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Ghost Pictures - Second Quarter of 2009
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Ghost Pictures                                              [Q2 '09 Submissions from our Viewers]

House of Seven Gables Ghost Picture
Very interesting photograph of Lisa's reveals a child playing outside of Nathaniel
Hawthorne's birth home...

Johnny Cash Ghost Picture?
Lisa captured an interesting facial image within the movement of her friend's
hand.  Is it the ghost of Johnny Cash?

Moundsville Ghost Picture
A new ghost picture of the famed 'shadow man' has surfaced from the West
Virginia Penitentiary.

Canada Ghost Picture
Striking ghost photo taken of an oil rig for a calendar.  So detailed, one can see
the man's glasses!

Hidden Ghost Picture
What the heck is this black, shadowy anomaly hiding behind a tree in the
woods?  Is it
Bigfoot or a ghost?

Ectoplasmic Ghost Picture
Gabreael of Eastern Paranormal photographed an amazing scene of spirit
energy manifesting in a bedroom.

Ghost Caught on Camera
This ghost picture is difficult to make out at first.  The more you look, the more
you will see the image of a man with a coat and mustache standing there...

Phantom Ghost Picture
White, billowy anomaly appears in the doorway behind a young boy who is
playing on a pot.  Is it the manifestation of a spirit relative?

Ghost Hand Picture
Intriguing story behind a hand print from a house in Ohio.  At first glance one
might look past it, but can a human hand do that?

Soldier Ghost Picture
Shadow in the woods cannot be explained.  Is it the possible head and shoulders
of a Civil War soldier?

Sydney Ghost Picture
Late night at an amusement park and what appears in the photo?  Just an arm
and shirt of someone not there when the photo was snapped.

Ghost on the Stream?
They swear no one else was there with them in the creek.  Yet, a young female
joins them in cleaning her shoes in the water.  Was she a ghost?

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House of the Seven Gables Ghost Picture
Johnny Cash Ghost Picture
Moundsville Ghost Picture!
Canada Ghost Picture!
Hidden Ghost Picture!
Ectoplasmic Ghost Picture!
Ghost Caught on Camera!
Phantom Ghost Picture!
Ghost Hand Picture!
Soldier Ghost Picture!
Sydney Ghost Picture!
Ghost on the Stream Ghost Picture!
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