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Ghost Pictures
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Ghost Pictures                                       [Q3 '09 - P3 Submissions from our Viewers]

Craig's Ghost Picture
A man who passed, who was and is a close friend, still visits.  Take a look at two
striking ghost pictures of this spirit whom love would not allow to be separate!

Chillingham Castle Ghost Picture?
This ghost picture is very intriguing and was taken outside the famous castle.  
The question is whether or not these are dummies or real ghosts...

Saskatoon Ghost Picture
Can you see the detail of a man's face, looking back outside of the Marr
residence window?  We can, and he looks like he is wearing a beard and hat!

Spirit Guide Ghost Picture
Alright, we know that cigarettes smoke is present in this ghost picture, but look at
the freaky ghost face that is appearing beside the person!

Libaran Island Ghost Picture
What caused these "ghosts" to appear?  We are racking our brains.  They were
not reflected off of glass or added through an art program.  You decide...

Malaysia Ghost Picture
Another ghostly apparition of a torso with hand holding a white box behind the
children.  The problem is the torso is walking through the couch!

Bedroom Baby Ghost Picture
Is this ball of mist revealing a human facial form that is peering out from behind
the doorway wall?  Take a closer look at this ghost picture...

Star of India Ghost Picture
A little girl appears behind them next to the harbor sea in San Diego.  She is
misty-looking.  Could she be a ghost or simply an unattended child?

Breakfast Ghost Picture
A mist appears behind a woman in the morning in Ireland.  We are assured it is
not steam from coffee or a hot meal.  Is it a ghost in this picture?

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Craig's Ghost Picture
Chillingham Castle Ghost Picture
Saskatoon Ghost Picture
Spirit Guide Ghost Picture
Libaran Island Ghosts
Malaysia Ghost Picture
Bedroom Baby Ghost Picture
Star of India Ghost Picture
Breakfast Ghost Picture
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