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Haunted Hotel Ghost Photo
An old Australian hotel for drovers seemed to be haunted from its inception.
Does this old picture of the owners reveal a ghost overlooking them?

Borley Rectory Ghost Pictures
Famous haunting of an old home built upon the grounds of a former monastery
might have proof of ghosts within these two ghost pictures.

Vintage Ghost Picture
Old ghost picture created in the late 1800s demonstrates the popularity of
spiritualism back then...

Utah Pioneer Museum Ghost Picture
Security monitors had an apparition appear multiple times for about a week. No
one knows for sure what happened. Was it a ghost?

St. Peter's Altar Ghost Picture
Basilica in Rome is said to house the saint's body. Across the room is an altar.
An old photograph reveals a see-through body. Is it a hoax or real deal?

Grave Girl Ghost Picture
Ghost picture sent in by a visitor of Angels & Ghosts shows what looks like the
upper body of a child. A comparison shot doesn't show the same image on the...

Billingham Ghost Picture
This ghost picture circulates the web through e-mails and Internet sites. Is this a
real ghost photograph? Hmm...

Castillo de San Marcos Ghost Picture
Crazy ghost picture of possibly an infamous pirate was taken during a tour of the
old Spanish fort. He wasn't visible to anyone at the time...

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Haunted Hotel Ghost Photo
Borley Rectory Ghost Pictures
Vintage Ghost Picture
Utah Pioneer Museum Ghost Picture
St. Peter's Altar Ghost Picture
Grave Girl Ghost Picture
Billingham Ghost Picture
Castillo de San Marcos Ghost Pictures
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