Fake: Billingham Ghost Picture

Fake ghost picture of a girl peeking through legs in Billingham, UK...

We have received this supposed ghost picture as a submission numerous times. It is not a real ghost photograph, but we thought we should explain why we have not posted the Billingham ghost photo.

This photo began circulating in e-mails from many different people in the hope that a ghost or paranormal website would post it. Then, somebody sent it to the Gazette Live in the United Kingdom. Guess what they did (published it)? According to the Gazette, 17 year old Matthew Summers captured this ghost of a little girl peeking from the legs of his friends, using a cell phone camera. We're not buying what they're selling: The girl's face was added into the photograph - it's an obvious fake.

Billingham ghost photo with the girll peeking from between the legs. It's obvious she was never part of the original photo. We are finding it on numerous paranormal websites.