Panoramic Camera Setting Ghosts

Be aware of taking panoramic photos with people in them. If they move, your photo can have ghost-like body parts within it!

The following photo experiment was created using the panoramic setting of an iPhone. In our staged "ghost pic," the person in the frame walked from left to right while the person taking the panoramic photo moved the smartphone camera, from left to right, at the same time. The digital camera effect began cutting off body parts as it tried to piece the entire digital image together. (No the apartment was not full of strewn arms and hands! And these anomalies are not ghosts.)

False Ghosts and Camera Settings
We created this photograph for comparison. Should you capture a stray hand or arm in one of your photos, check your camera settings first.

Digital cameras have quite a few settings that will cause odd things to happen (or in this case, appear) if you are not aware. Of course, if ghost hunting, you should not use any special night time settings or camera effects that may create something that is not there. Also, do not download ghost hunting apps onto your smartphone and, then, take photos with it. Many of these apps actually add false ghosts into your photos!