Ghost Detect Pro: Fake Ghost Hunting App

Ghost Detect Pro

Ghost Detect Pro: Is It Real or Fake?

Let us come out and say this from the start: It's fake. The app, Ghost Detect Pro, adds fake ghost images into photographs, adds false sounds into audio, and fools users into thinking they are being haunted.

The results seem incredible to eager ghost hunters, at first, but too frequent captures are too good to be real. This is especially true after ghosts begin appearing everywhere (e.g. the tanning salon, the car, your work, your home, the grocery store, etc.) through the magic of the smartphone. Don't believe us? Take a photo of your leg a few times with this app on your smartphone, and you'll soon find your leg to be haunted by either a mist or orbs! (Seriously, try it; then delete the free app from your cell phone.)

Here are actual photos with Ghost Detect Pro's false ghosts: orbs; black, white & brown mists:

Advertised as being optimized to bring the best ghost hunting experience to the iTunes App Store, Ghost Detect Pro is a free download and looks fantastic. But when reading the app details (which most people do not), in all fairness, users are warned that "This app WILL scare you" and "This app is for entertainment proposes only." The problem we have with the app is that people are fooled into believing the paranormal activity is real - something that can be frightening if it were true.

We have heard that 'Ghost Detect Pro' is associated with Ripley's Believe It Or Not, an entertainment company, who licensed its use with their Ghost Train adventure ride. So, don't believe it's real.

But don't take our word for it, simply take a look at the screenshots of reviews of the app (presented above): others are figuring out they've been fooled by 'Ghost Detect Pro' too!

A True Account of Being Hoaxed by the Ghost Detect Pro App

The following is an example of someone who wants to know their loved one is still with them after passing, and Ghost Detect Pro was giving results that seem cruel in this instance:

"I don't have any signs of a haunting besides this app, I downloaded, that had reviews by paranormal investigators who are finding it to be as reliable as their devices. The black lines are not only in my home as it has appeared in the tanning bed room with me at a business center. I downloaded the app after my husband passed away (not in the home) on March 14, 2014. I downloaded the app because I read about right after death he may be with me; and when I let the app run it appears to detect something when I am upset more often than not - but not just in my home. I do not hear anything; I just sometimes feel his presence. I read the brown mist may be a spirit who may be earthbound or has not crossed over, and the spirit can follow me to be with me. I have no idea if this is true. I hope this info helps. Please let me know your thoughts. Thank you."

Be wary of using apps for real ghost detection - we just don't know how accurate or real any of them truly are.