False Apparition Ghost Pictures

Some apparitions are not ghosts at all but the product of leaving the camera shutter open longer (lengthened exposure).

Kathy Owen, founder of Lake Isabella Paranormal Society, sent us her and her group's experiments with creating false apparition ghost pictures. They lengthened the exposure by adjusting the camera settings (keeping the shutter open for a longer period of time).

Kathy Owens' experiment notes:
"My son Daniel and members of L.I.P.S. conducted an experiment on the effects of double exposure, and the use of open-shutter. The camera was set up on a tripod, and the shutter was set on a 10 second time frame. In the pictures you can see how the test subjects appear to be transparent, and to the point you can barely see them. Even with open-shutter, everything in the picture looks much brighter, meaning the shutter is left open longer and picking up more light. It appears to take on the effect of double-exposure and can easily be mistaken for an apparition. This experiment was conducted with the use of a Kodak digital camera of 5.0 megapixels."

On some cameras, it is quite easily to adjust the time the shutter stays open while taking a picture, to the second. This could account for some pictures which have a transparent person in them. But also, some flash settings will also lengthen the exposure, too. When examining photos for ghosts, if we see an apparitionn or see-through object, we need to check to see if the exposure time was longer than normal.