Ghost Capture?

Do any of these ghosts look familiar? Have you been fooled?

Ghost Capture smartphone app...Ghost pictures created through an iPhone app called "Ghost Capture" have been making their way around the Internet. Have you been fooled?

Recently, we wondered why we kept seeing the same ghost showing up in different photographs we were receiving. It was obvious that they were fake ghost pictures, but why were there so many making their way to our e-mail in-box? Forum moderator Tkay discovered the culprit through an Internet blog she had read. Fake ghost photos are being made by a program known as Ghost Capture, and it's all for fun.

Ghost Capture was the brainchild of "Ghosts Don't Exist," an independent ghost film that was produced in 2009. The iPhone application was created for marketing purposes. It is offered as a free download for iPod and iTouch users only. Also see its predecessor, Ghost Camera Pro.

With Ghost Capture, the user can manipulate photos within their phone's photo gallery by superimposing stock ghost photos from Ghost Capture onto them. The size of the ghost, as well as its angle and transparency, can be adjusted to fit almost perfectly into any photograph.

Apparently, the program creates fake ghost photos that look too good. Back in 2010, The Daily Mail, a UK newspaper, ran a story of an older gentleman who supposedly captured a ghost with his cell phone. The ghost later was found to be a Ghost Capture creation.

Rumor has it that there are thirty ghosts from Ghost Capture being used to fool friends, family and ghost investigators. Be wary!