False Energy Photo Experiments

Kathy Owen found that some night time camera settings lengthen the exposure time, producing light anomalies that some confuse with being ghosts. They are not ghosts at all - so Kathy ran some photo experiments for us to show you what false energy in pictures might look like.

The first photo looks normal - but notice how subsequent photos that use different night time settings change the appearance of these same lights in the photographs:

Kathy's Photo Experiment Notes:
"The first picture was done with the "Auto Flash" setting (which I would suggest using when ghost hunting)...perfect pictures every time. The second picture was done with the "Night Vision" setting, which made the lights appear larger than they actually were, and yet blurry. The third picture was done with the "Night Portrait" setting. This gives off the blurry, yet energy effect. And lastly (I thought was interesting), the "Fireworks" setting. It gave that supercharged energy look. My camera is a 5.0 megapixel, so it tends to pick up objects much more better than a 3.0 megapixel. The camera that I used in the last shots I sent a while back was with my neice's camera. That is the one that gave off the real weird effects. I have figured out what setting I used at the time those pics were taken. The camera settings that made the picture look like supercharged energy was when I used "Action Mode" and "Night Mode," with flash in each picture. The bottom line is...everyone needs to be careful with what setting they use, as I feel is very important. Whenever I take a picture, I always use "AUTO MODE". When someone is outside, they automatically want to use a setting that is best for either day or night -- like if it's night time, use a "Night Mode" setting; or if day time..then use a "Bright Light Mode" setting. If their camera has an "Auto Mode," then I highly suggest using it for every shot when ghost hunting. I have had the best results when using this mode. I have an added feature with my camera: I can download all my pictures to my computer, then I am able to Enhance the picture if it turns out too dark by using the Auto Mode. The Model I have is a Kodak Easy Share digital camera 5.0 megapixel, with 10x optical zoom. Model number Z740. "