False Ghosts: Glass Flash Reflection

It is important to become familiar with how glass can reflect the flash of a camera. The following pictures which many would think to be a ghost picture, was actually caused by the camera's flash most likely reflecting off of the glass of the pictures (or maybe the door knob?) on the hallway wall. Kristen of Palatka, Forida was kind enough to provide these examples.

Kathy Owen of L.I.P.S. created these false orbs through glass reflection off of a wrist watch...with and without use of the camera's flash:

"Travis and I came up with another way to make false orbs. This is with the use of his wrist watch. How we got the idea is he likes to take his watch and reflect sunlight off of it to make a bright circle for which the cats love to chase around the room. So I got the idea to have him place this reflection on the bedroom wall and take a picture to see if it appears like an orb. The first picture is with the use of flash and the camera set on auto mode. The last picture is without flash, but also set on auto mode. All this brings to thought that it's possible for someone to be on an investigation and wearing a wrist watch. If a flashlight hits it just right, it can project glass reflection orbs."