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Snapshots of Ghosts are sometimes incredible evidence of the presence of ghosts and spirits. Ghosts are people in spirit who interact around all of us at times.

Below are pages of ghost snapshots we posted for your review.  Are these pictures proof of the existence of the afterlife?  Do these snapshots demonstrate the truth regarding ghosts and spirits?  You decide...

Snapshots of Ghosts . . .

Hawaii Ghost Snapshot  
Very interesting ghostly picture.  Is it a man by the tree in Honolulu?

Stove Glass Ghost Picture
Very cool image of what may be a female apparition reflected in the window.

Insane Asylum Ghost Snapshot
Off The Hook TV sent us a still from their video of the Sonoma State Hospital...

Marilyn Monroe Ghost Picture
Reflection of flash off of a door in an old Hollywood hotel yields a striking image...

Stone Face Snapshot
Strange face appears on a stone after a loud noise.  Is it flash-created or a ghost?

Ghostly Face Snapshot
Where in the...who in the?
A woman's face appears in the corner.

More Ghost Snapshots . . .

Punta Cana Ghost Snapshot
A see-through woman is strolling behind the gang at the table.  Is she a ghost?

Woman Behind Ghost Snapshot
Great capture of a woman's face and neck in the background of this snapshot!

Vader & Shadow Ghost Snapshot
Is this a ghost or an anomaly created accidentally by a finger?

Grandpa's Ghost Snapshot
Family recognizes his apparition as captured on glass from a window.

Carnival Ghost Snapshot
Awesome suit with collar, lapel and buttons found in the cabin photograph...
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Ghosts in snapshots?  Ghosts are spirits of disembodied people who are lost and in need of assistance.  We believe that sometimes cameras are able to somehow capture these spirits as different types of anomalies, such as apparitions, balls of light, mists and shadows .

The photographs linked to from this page represent different examples of ghosts possibly recorded in each snapshot.  There is no way to prove the existence of ghosts with photographic evidence alone, but snapshots do possibly provide a piece of the entire puzzle.  It is up to you, the viewer, to analyze the images we provide, and make up your own mind as to what you see within them.  Diving into the paranormal is a journey that is not filled with instant answers and experiences necessarily, as it can take time to slowly learn and piece together the puzzle in an attempt to reveal what is truly hidden beyond one's normal scope of beliefs and ideas. 

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