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This month's real ghost pictures were sent to Angels & Ghosts for all to see this ghostly season!

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Each ghost picture has its own page & story.  Many free to view, great ghost pics to enjoy for your own ghost study!

December 2007 Ghost Picture of the Month:   "Bonfire Ghost Photo"

Dec '07 Ghost Pictures
Spiritual Presence Pic
Nice ghost picture of ectoplasm mist...

Bayou Ghost Picture
Mist forms above them and has a head or face.

Backyard Spirit Picture
Ghost presence forming around the grandchildren.

Wormie Annie Ghost?
Is this picture the lady of Silver City Ghost Town?

Haunted Car Ghost Pic
Mist appears in the back seat after it gets cold.
Dec '07 Ghost Pictures
Subway Ghost Picture
A ghost mist shows up on a date at a local restaurant!

Reception Ghost Picture
Intriguing image of a see-through woman.  How?

Peeking Face Ghost Pic
Great ghost pics from ghost hunter Albi Beluli...

Bonfire Ghost Picture
Incredible image of a shadow person possibly.

Jerry's Ghost Picture
Did this man re-appear for the sale of his truck?
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Dec '07 Ghost Pictures
Full-Bodied Apparition
This is an amazing ghost photo, but is it...?

Wales Ghost Picture
Is it a ghost or two in this castle gate house window?

Christmas Tree Ghosts?
Ecto around their room. 
Could it be relatives?

Blue Mist Ghost Picture
Cool facial image in this ghost picture of light.

Car Window Ghost Pic
Nice mist in a cem is caught from inside...

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