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This month's real ghost stories were sent to Angels & Ghosts for all to study on our ghostly journey!

Each ghost story has its own page.  We post ghost stories of personal ghost encounters & and ghostly experiences.

November 2007 Ghost Story of the Month:            Ghost Girl Story

Nov '07 Ghost Stories
Playful Ghost Story
Ghost story concerning a child ghost's antics.  This story shows that not all ghostly activity is negative.  Some ghosts are children or child-like, as ghosts are just people, like us.
Nov '07 Ghost Stories 
The Leger Hotel  
This hotel is a legend with its haunted history and famous guests.  Paul Dale Roberts takes us on a tour of it and tell what they experienced at The Leger Hotel this month!

Fulton's Underground
Paul Dale Roberts takes us on another tour of a haunted location.  This ghost story takes place in Old Sacramento, California.  Nice history of the haunting at this dining establishment!
Nov '07 Ghost Stories
Ghost Girl Story
They saw her ghost face to face and fled...

Shadow Ghost Story
Dark figure is standing at the end of his bed. Yikes!

Murderous Ghost Story
Man was pushed off a scaffolding by a force. 

Moonlight Haunting
Ghost story about a ghost investigation of a neighbor's home, by Debbie Talani of HPI.

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