Does Your Child Talk About a Previous Life?

Is your child talking about having lived a previous life?

We are looking for families that have a young child, aged 2-4, who may recall living as someone else before they were born. If your child currently seems to recall a past life with unfamiliar events, unknown people, etc., then please contact us by email.

About Early Previous Life Memories

Typically, reincarnation phenomenon in children begins between the ages of 2-4 years old and at the time when learning to talk. At this age, the child will begin telling of the preious life when able to speak with parents. Parents of the child may hear only a few things or many remembrances from the prior life. It is important for the parent not to discard such talk but to be a very good listener, audio recording and writing down notes of what the child wishes to share. Keep in mind not to lead or put anything in the youngster's mind, allowing the toddler to express his or herself openly without condemnation.

Children with past life memories may behave strangely so be patient. Fears, loves or distastes for places, objects, or people may accompany the memories. This is normal.

Over time, the memories of the past life will fade away, usually by age 6 or 7 -- this is why it is important to document everything now and not investigate, yet.